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Article introduction

The health that bowel is very important core the body to people, because alvine path is the organization that the body absorbs food nutrition, once bowel,occurrence problem arrives with respect to meeting influence healthy, bring about the body to appear all sorts of problems. And the problem that bowel is commonner, among them, bowel1000 beautiful community of Shanghai

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Crying phenomenon lets a lot of feel very unwell. Bowel looks to cry to do below? Hope everybody can understand.

Bowel cries how to do

Bowel cries is symptom and body are asked for, be not a kind of disease. When bowel wriggles, the gas inside alvine canal and liquid flow subsequently, produce a kind of spiccato murmur sound or gas are too underwater acoustic, call bowel to cry sound. Bowel cries sound it is to show the body that seep through of seep through of peristalsis of bowel of the stomach in the abdomen makes sound is asked for. Forum of Shanghai night net

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Below normal circumstance, alvine song is low weak and gentle, hear hard commonly reach. When alvine line function unusual or when block is illogical, criterion bowel cries sound is sodorous and frequency is urgent. The place that clinical basis makes sound and voice will judge pathological changes place and pathological changes quality.

Bowel cries the existence of disease of path of clew stomach bowel. The patient appears more easily dyspeptic, cannot absorb nutrition adequately. Light hidebound, weigh a dehydrate, cause insomnia, color of skin is dark yellow, angular, chronic acute fit or aggravating illness.

Bowel cries how to do

Bowel cries how to treat:

1. pure bowel cries

Adjust food and habits and customs, complementary in order to improve the medicaments of gastric bowel function.

2. bowel cries inflammation of path of the bowel that accompany a stomach

(1) diminish inflammation is acetanilide

Bacterial infection, except choose pathogenic bacteria fosters effective antibiotic or in officinal like element of the rhizome of Chinese goldthread; Yuan Hu Zhi is painful piece, daily 3; Gastric bowel is clever, daily 3. The illness appears calorific, dehydrate, cease1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai make friend

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Arteries and veins gives Ke Kejing antibiotic, when necessary infusion blood transfusion or absorb oxygen.

Bowel cries how to do

(2) spasmolysis acetanilide

Except implement the bowel that qualitative sex pathological change brings about cries, can follow the doctor’s adviceForum of baby of new Shanghai noble

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Give atropine or 645-2, intramuscular injection; Or profess to convinced of laborious of Pu Lu benzene, daily 3 second (3) stop evacuant

Bowel cries the person that accompany diarrhoea can choose bismuth of second carbonic acid, daily 3; Camphor tree of medicine made of two or more ingredientsShanghai noble baby communicates an area

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Cerebral Ding, daily 3.

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(3) in medicine

According to have loose bowels of ① lienal empty. ② kidney deficiency of yang declines have loose bowels. ③ diseases with such symptoms as coastal pain multiplies lienal have loose bowels. Give differentiate card to apply treat.