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Article introduction

Double lung grain adds much moster person slightly to this is not especially other and clear, a lot of people think by accident is double lung grain a kind summary grow in quantity is lung disease, actually double lung grain the examination result that summary grow in quantity is a kind of lung, also be the performance of a kind of condition of human body lung, itself is not what disease, be the method that treats without what normally, if at ordinary times check-up when, was checked to give double lung grain summary grow in quantity, also need not worry too too.

 Double lung grain is thick much

Double lung grain what meaning is summary grow in quantity?

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Can see when video examination surround outspread radiative strip shadow to lobar field from lobar door, this kind surrounds outspread radiative strip shadow to basically be comprised by pulmonary artery, pulmonary vein, bronchus and lymphatic to lobar field from lobar door, these shadows became much namely lobar grain grow in quantity. The basis is specific video and OK judgement is the body which share gave an issue.

Grow in quantity of double lung grain is classified

Blood-vessel sex

Grain of lung of grow in quantity of grain of hemal sex lung is bulky, from lobar door to blood-vessel maintains to take the character of travel inside lung, constant companion has the show that the heart increases, basically see wait at heart disease.

Lymphatic quality

Grain of lung of grow in quantity of grain of lymphatic sex lung is shown inside two lung fine meshy, lymphatic of sex of lung of common Yu Chen, cancer is phlogistic wait.

Smoking sex

Grow in quantity of grain of smoking sex lung shows increase of double lung grain, but go travel is normal, basically be the chronic bronchitic be caused by that causes as a result of long-term smoking.

Unripe reason

Giving birth to grow in quantity of rational double lung grain is a kind of false appearance actually, the grain increase that it does not resemble other type in that way, on behalf of the patient the likelihood contracts a kind of disease. Because the person’s age increases,it is excessive perhaps and fat, the quality of a material that brings about lung compares rich, hypodermic adiposity, checking video on the false appearance that present, common at old people round perhaps public figure.

 Double lung grain is thick much

Bronchus quality

Expression of grow in quantity of grain of bronchus sex lung is lobar grain degree of finish not divide evenly, its middling be mingled with is out of shape grain and shadow of little a honeycomb-like thingForum of 1000 the Long Feng that spend a net

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, sex of common Yu Man bronchitic, bronchiectasis.

According to the grow in quantity of double lung grain of different type, make further examination, be treated next again in the light of specific disease.

How does grow in quantity of double lung grain do

Below the circumstance of grow in quantity of double lung grain, it is specific no matter which body share gave an issue, need method of treating yin deficiency by reinforcing body fluid and nourishing the blood to raise lung, adjust the function of good lung, make thereby disease as soon as possible heal.

Quiet energy of life with clean lung

A lot of cities have the case that air pollutes now, the waste gas with inspiratory and many people and mist haze, bring about bronchus thereby or lung produces a problem. It is so outdoor we should adorn guaze mask will do as far as possible defend, should write down dailily in the home a window is ventilated, if air quality is too poor,still can choose to place air purifier.

The gas that connect organs with Qing Dynasty lung

Lung and large intestine photograph the outside and the inside, defecate constipate can be caused or accentuation is raised slow wait for lung disease to suffer from. Accordingly, the defecate that know interest can fall already shade of chaotic of lobar gas, discharge, precaution is anile, can prevent and cure to be raised slow again, cough. Answer to drink water more at ordinary times, have fresh vegetable and coarse food grain more, do abdomen to massage more, the person that already had constipation should medication in time below doctor guidance.

Drink water frequently with beneficial lung

Autumn is daily should compare other season to drink water more at least 500 milliliter above, in order to maintain the normal humidity of lung and respiratory tract. Still but direct water ” photograph ” into respiratory tract, the method is pour hot water into the cup, aim cup mouth with nose inspiratory, every time 10 minutes, daily 2 ~ 3 can.

 Double lung grain is thick much

The disease that treat bazoo with protecting lung

Epidemiology investigation makes clear, atrophic sex rhinitis, chronic 9 what bronchitic incidence of a disease takes a crowd aboutShanghai noble baby communicates an area

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0% the left and right sides. Investigate its reason, waiting for rhinitis symptom to be able to cause artery at n&v snuffle pathological changes of the demote below capacity of disease of low oxygen blood, sleep-disorder, lung, cause cause of disease microbial infection, cause cold, bronchiticForum of Shanghai night net

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Etc. Accordingly, enter close disease from bazoo close, can protect lung effectively.

Often move with be good at lung

The optimal method of able-bodied lung is proper physical training. Accordingly, can differ according to the be fond of of people, bodyForum of baby of new Shanghai noble

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Qualitative difference, individual choice exercises a method suitably, if canter, take a walk, call shadowboxing, ball catch, practice1000 beautiful community of Shanghai

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