[small achieve an operation to have cut] how does _ do – of _ cut size

Article introduction

Go up as medicine develop, the operation nowadays also has more the means of on the safe side, that is small start an operation, this is the way that the last few years gets attention quite, but small achieve an operation to there is cut? Small achieving also have cut, just this cut is very small, it is the feeling of a small hole, but cut small deepness is like general operation, also want to notice cut does not want inflammation so, notice the food when clean peace.

Small achieve an operation to have cut

1, small achieve operation cut how to be handled

Small the cut that achieves operation cut to compare traditional abdominal is a lot of smaller, these small cut after the operation will be risen by suture, the scar that leave is extremely unidentified show. Of back make sb the first aim of attack, can adopt lie on one’s back, use weight oppressive and hemostatic, lest form bedsore,often turn over. When coughing after the operation, usable hand covers cut, lest cut shakes aggravating ache. The operation of limb, drive up of appropriate general limbs, help vein circumfluence, reduce haemorrhage and oedema. After amputation, to avoid cut inside abrupt massive haemorrhage, should be in bedside stock is hemostatic belt. Cervical cut, should special prevent haematoma oppressive and tracheal, pose choking risk.

Clean cut, if do not have drainage content, also ask for without haemorrhage, pollution or infection picture, operation hind need not change medicine. The attention prevents the pollution of cut. Perineal the cut around, especially children patient, want to notice to prevent pollution of uric fluid, excrement and urine. If have pollution, want to change in time. Change medicine to change namely dressing, the time that changes medicine also is not more better, however according to cut oozy, grow circumstance and calm. When cut cicatrizations, newborn nerve fiber grows, be stimulated very easily, produce urticant feeling, thisShanghai Long Feng forum

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It is normal phenomenon, but should avoid to scratch catch.

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Small achieve an operation to have cut

2, the cut after the operation is oozy the reason of fluid

Cut is oozy fluid is organize the liquid component inside into airframe from blood capillary leakage. Cicatrizationing inchoate phase, inflammation meets those who increase blood capillary connect appear a gender, bring about excessive liquid to flow into cut. In cut the meeting in heal process lets time and oozy fluid decreases, but in the blame heal cut that is in inflammation period, oozy fluid is in higher level from beginning to end. Too much or oozy fluid is too little, can affect heal.

3, the cut after the operation is oozy of fluid nurse

The dressing option that handles oozy fluid is very important. The side chooses in dressing, need considers a lot of performance, be balanced like ideal wet sex and conduce to heal or preventLove Shanghai is the same as a city

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The function with exasperate mouth. Form an agglutinant gel to hold its construction between operating period, penetrate through preventing oozy fluid dressing, and reduce1000 beautiful community of Shanghai

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All round cut the risk of macerate. Keep apart action: ? Fleeing dainty circles certain dressing of scull な ? has a lock to decide the bacterium inside dressing and oozy fluid part.

What does operation cut eat to accelerate heal

1, the food water fruit with vitamin rich A is like pear, apple, loquat, cherry to wait, greengrocery is like equestrian tine dish, Chinese cabbage, shepherd’s purse, tomato to wait, plant kind wait like gram, rice, introduced from the northern and western nationalities or from abroad peach kernel, animal liver, milk products and birds egg, cod-liver oil.

2, the food: with vitamin rich A? Dregs of rice large of Bu of fade of  of  of  of  ⒊ Ren Zuo of  of personal   , tomato, pumpkin, apple, yangtao, carrot, it is to contain rich vitamin C, eat more can make cut heal.

Small achieve an operation to have cut

3, the food: that contains microelement zinc?  of the Song Dynasty of melon of the Yao that kill kang goes to P of idle of land of  δ mow to fear ⒑ of  of diameter of planning flatter of Tao  Bi 4  ⒏ lies the firm fruit content of fructification of plant of? of Mei of bay wither of Su of yo ⒌ coat is higher, wait like earthnut, walnut, the content of the apple in the fruit is highest.

4, contain fat kind food: ? Xian Bizhen of planning  of silk of law of cape merchant of  of  lament graceful Bei? of the bad mother’s brother that be troubled by  has Gou of crab of  of have diarrhoea of S Wen Tuo fight phlogistic action, to cut heal has certain profit.

Note of operation cut suture

1, suture perhaps maintains operation place cleanness after the operation, operation place avoids to touch water certainly before take out stitches.

2, follow the doctor’s advice to take drug on time, come to a hospital on time Qing Dynasty is achieved change medicine or the diet after take out stitches of; of take out stitches is acrimony excitant food, avoid smoking to drink, operation place notices to prevent bask in.

3, take out stitches after 24 hours, can bathe, with cut of clear water cleanness, do not exert oneself to do sth. scabby nature takes off cut of knead cut; it is OK to lag behind to wait for a week to control again the medicaments that external use restrains scar hyperplasia cooperates to be spent gently massage 3 minutesShanghai noble baby communicates an area

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, stimulative medicaments is absorbed, daily 3, continuously after a month controls; 2 months if cut does not have be pacified, can you increase massage strength and extend massage time (for example: ? Know γ persuading Ci to cough bastinado  ? every time 10 to 15 minutes, ) ; use celestial being blocks scar enemy and the patient that adorns bounce is covered but need not massage.

4, after the operation one, 3, 6 months on time further consultation with a doctor, the doctor can offer rehabilitation proposal according to restoring a situation.

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5, the convalescence of scar is very long, the time that needs 9 years about. It is normal to there can be scar place to appear to send good appearance to be belonged to aglow during this, time can become weak slowly.